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Sweeeet, okay.

  1. I can spin a basketball on my finger and it makes me look like a cool jock from a 90’s highschool movie.
  2. According to last.fm my most listened artist on spotify from the last month is Vampire Weekend
  3. I played five hours of Fire Emblem at work yesterday. Yup, my job post that day was pretty laid back.
  4. Just finished reading a web comic called “Anime Club” and its the funniest thing, people should read it.
  5. Now I’m gonna listen to podcasts and play video games! 

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Aw thanks hun :)

1. I am petrified of moths
2. I am a massive Legend of Zelda nerd
3. The last time I was drunk a guy tried (and failed) to school me on Zelda knowledge
4. Aforementioned guy made me so angry as the evening progressed that I ripped a button off my dress and threw it at him
5. I have anger issues (couldn’t you guess xD)

4 is amazing.

Mixtapes - 90s edition

Praise You - Fatboy Slim
Sandstorm - Darude
Insomnia - Faithless
Sabotage - Beastie Boys
Doll Parts - Hole
Higher than the Sun - Primal Scream
The Boy With the Arab Strap - Belle & Sebastian
All My Little Words - The Magnetic Fields
Almost Gold - The Jesus And Mary Chain
Closing Time - Semisonic
By glens70cl

I’ve only heard three of these before listening so this should be fun.

Praise You is a good opener, Fatboy Slims light electronic remix of this is easy to get you into the playlist before jumping into the iconic 90s EDM song Sandstorm. And that record crackle in the beginning is rad. Edit: This is from the Cruel Intentions movie soundtrack, a film in which I understand is famous mostly due to Sarah Michelle Gellar kisses Selma Blair. The 90s sure was a weird time.

The classic 90s sound effects close off and lead onto this. I don’t even know what to say about his one, all it does is fill my head with movies and tv shows this has been used in. My one regret for my playlist is not having enough 90s dance music, this song is an actual jam. 

Leading onto Insomnia this keeps up with the dance / electronic theme for the opening tracks. Just like Sandstorm, these are probably the better known dance songs from the time. Not even being that big of a dance fan, that iconic beat is fucking awesome.

Next up is one of my favourite Beastie Boys songs, and changes it up from EDM sounding to a harder rock/ hiphop. The pause half way through this song is soo good before rolling into another guitar riff. MCA’s (?) vocals in this are so fitting, another classic song.

Now its slowing way down, and calmer from the previous, frantic Sabotage. Swapping hard punk guitars to acoustic in this intro to this song, its a pretty dramatic change of pace. Having never heard of hole, they’ve got a decent sound, I’m really liking the typical 90’s grunge sound. Edit: I thought it sounded a bit like Nirvana, turns out it was Courtney Love.

As the last song closes getting softer with Loves vocals, this leads into Primal Scream. The intro to this song brings a similarity to Animal Collective with some of the “Merriweather Post Pavilion” songs. Even though both Doll Parts and Higher than the Sun are very different songs they seem to flow really well into each other. I really liked this song, I’m gonna add this to a list of artists that I want to investigate. 

Second Belle & Sebastian that I’ve heard through these playlists, as with the other one I’m really digging the acoustic, indie sound they have got going on for them. The soft vocals really fit well together with the light piano, guitar, drum combo. The slowly fading a capella vocals act as an awesome closer.

Onto an Esso Ad. Edit: Currys/PC World are having a sale on laptops

The Magnetic Fields keeps with the indie sounds. This is another band I’ve been wanting to get into, after only hearing a few songs from “69 Love Songs” and never actually finished the album (because there is 69 songs) prior to this I’m really liking what I’m hearing. 

Now, going on to a really 90’s sounding “Almost Gold”. The song, excluding the vocals really sounds similar to Ash, another classic 90s band. 

Closing Time is probably the best closer to a 90s themed playlist, and that piano playing all through this is amazing, building to a sweet guitar solo then slowing down again to close off the playlist.

Overall, this is a good representation of 90s music, with dance, to slow paced indie to harder sounding rock. Awesome!